Hey guys ive been lurking around the forums the past couple of days and have been reading a lot of good stuff so I thought I'd share a poem I just found written a few years ago.

Lemme know what u think. Im interested.


Following the footsteps that lead to
Your graveyard
A spare waking moment
That lies in the red heart

Which blood flows through
Out and in like that of red wine
Pumping steadily throughout the day

The most majestic of all miracles
It never stops beating
From the moment you are born
Stopping only when you are laid to rest

It's inexplicable in its nature
Our minds cannot wrap around
The idea that something can exist within ourselves
For so long

You can walk, but not all the time
You can talk but only every so often
You can eat drink, sleep, and run
But your heart is the only thing
That is in constant progress

It's repetitious pattern
Is something we should all be accustomed too
But how many of us just stop
And shut the **** up

And just listen to our heart beats
Pounding like a hammering on a railroad spike
It can be mesmerizing and intoxicating
Our heartbeats that is.
I keep the wolf from the door, but he calls me on the phone, tells me all the ways that he's gonna mess me up, steal all my children if I don't pay the ransom, but I'll never see them again If I squeal to the cops.