I am looking to upgrade the pickups in my Les Paul special bass. It has 442 alnico bass humbuckers,but they seem to be a odd size for a four string.If possible I would like gold ones because I Have all gold hard ware to replace the black hardware.I mistakenly posted this on the promote your band thread.Sorry I'm kinda new at this.Some people seem to freakout.
I reckon the bass forum would be of more help mate, unfortunately I'm no help though.

Skeet UK is awesome, he can get WD Music parts discounted.
Don't bring it into the bass forum, you will get only 20 replies explaining why you should not dump any money into an epiphone bass when it will always sound and play terribly

The only aftermarket pickups I've seen that look like they would fit are EMGs. Measure your pup and go check out the specs on different passive EMGs to see if they will fit.

You are probably very much out of luck for finding gold ones, but check Ebay and you might run into some no-name pickups that are both gold and will fit, they probably won't be an improvement sound-wise however.
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