As I plan on selling my amp in the near(ish) future I'm going to be in the market for a new one.

If I can sell my amp for about £400ish Ill have £750 - 800 in a month or 2.

Honestly cleans don't matter to me that much, I haven't used the clean channel on mine for months but it would be nice to have a usable one.

The sounds I'm mainly going after are-

Behemoth (Demigod & Apostasy era)
Vital Remains
Michael Romeo in his guitar one lessons
Robert Marcello

If I could get close to this guy (I know he is using a sustainer but the base sound); http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=laV5KliR88g&feature=user
I would be nearly there (for lead sound).

The lower wattage the better really, nothing above 50 though as I'm only using it in the bedroom at the moment but soon I'll be at college and need something with abit more, I would be willing to save for an attenuator if its worth it.


Oh and my guitar is a Jackson DKMG but I might be changing that around November time as well.
Randall RG50TC?
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He could do much better for 750 euros. Try looking used for engl's, mesa's etc. All your standard metal / shred amps. Best to try them out though.
For those who care.
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They all would go very well with an attenuator, plus offer plenty of br00tal ****
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engl screamer's bound to be worth a look.
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peavey or engl screamer
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Yeah I tried the Screamer but couldn't crank it very much, the lead sound was waaaay of but I think that was because of the volume. I'm going back to try it again anyway.
JVM, JCM800, or maybe a Laney, Orange or Matamp.