I was wondering if there are any easy heavy metal songs that are in standard tuning. I got a guitar with a Floyd Rose the other day, and I cannot do anything in a lower tuning, because I don't have a high enough gauge. Now, as for my skill level, I don't know where to put it. I can play the whole "Number of the Beast" solo, with no problem. However, I can't even play Enter Sandman! I've heard that Enter Sandman is a good song to start playing, but are there any other good songs similar to it that are easy? Thanks.
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I also forgot to mention that it should be almost all one setting for the whole song, because I don't have a remote channel selector yet...
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Yeah, pretty much any Metallica song.

I'll just run through my iTunes and give you some more artists to look at that write most of their stuff in standard:

Black Sabbath (stuff with Ozzy, Dio's stuff was mostly in Eb tuning), Dio, DragonForce (haha, good luck), Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Ozzy Osbourne (earlier stuff with Randy Rhoads), Pantera, Whitesnake.

Stay away from Slipknot's "Duality" or Damageplan's "Save Me"..... both are in drop B tuning.

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I am having a ton of problems with alternate/economy picking too. It says to hold the pick parallel to the strings, but when I do this, it makes an annoying scratching noise against the string along with the note. Another thing that is annoying me is when I pick upwards, it seems to want to get caught on the string. I have been playing songs with all upward strums for the past week, and I'm still not getting any better.