1. John Entwistle whilst playing at the albert hall.
2. Muse - Time is Running out.

I have a jazz bass with active EQ and a Zoom b2 multi effects, does anyone know how I can get the two tones above using them?
time is running out is played with a synth and is very hard to get on bass. check out the video review of the mxr blowtorch on youtube, its the best i can find save for the very rare akai deep impact pedal
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The intro bassline of our time is running out, the weird low frequency distort.

TBH I'm more interested in JEs sound at the albert hall.
i have heard john say in interviews that he cuts bass and mid down to like 1/4 but puts treble all the way up. then i think he has some overdrive on it too. try that and see how it sounds
GOT IT, cheers everyone, im going to be playing who songs all night now..