Does anyone know the setup that Fink uses when playing with Guns N Roses? I know that he predominantly uses a Les Paul, but it has a totally different sound to any Les Paul that I've ever heard before, at least on the record. I've had a look round on the internet, but all I could find was Nine Inch Nails stuff, I suppose beacuse the Chinese Democracy stuff hasn't been released yet

The tone in particular I'm wondering about is the lead guitar in "There Was a Time", which I am pretty sure Fink plays. Thanks
Well, he always keeps his volume at max on both pickups (Hence why he has the removed neck pickup volume knob, and placed the pickup selector in place of the bridge pickup volume). He also uses a Jim Dunlop Rackmount Wah pedal, a Boss DD-5 delay, Marshall JCM800 heads & sometimes Mesa Boogie heads.

I also found a website a while ago which claims he also uses Marshall JMP-1 heads, TC Electronics and Voodoo lab rack effects.
Cool, thanks. I should be able to get pretty close then. I managed to get pretty to close to Slash's tone, but this guys is eluding me