im building a guitar and want to install a korg chaoss pad into the body, but i have no clue how to wire it in, or how they work... how do u select different types of synths and different sounds? thx for any help u can give me!
Remember, cutting holes in a guitar is a big job. Don't do it yourself, give it to a professional whose done it several times before. Regardless of cost, it'll be a better job than doing it yourself and possibly ruining the guitar.

To select different sounds, I'm geussing some kind of pedal, or something. A control board like you get on an electro-acoustic, with the volume and where you put the battery and shizz maybe.

Or, I believe Mason? (Manson? I don't know) have a guitart with a Kaoss pad built in. But I'm not sure on cost....

- Carl, xo
I deeply regret the 6661 in my username. Siiiigh. Damn you, 14 year old me, you edgy little bastard.
the fact that you dont even know how to spell "kaoss" is more than enough reason why you should not even attempt doing this.

why not get one first and see if you even like what it does and can incorporate it into your playing before trying to mate one with a guitar?
actually i have used kaoss pads before and i love what u can do with them, i accidently spelled it wrong... i doubt that has anything to do with installing them, i thk ill b fine installing one, ive built two other guitars and i know how to properly route a pocket to put one in, i just wasnt sure how they worked, why wouldnt i want to challenge my self and try to install one so i could get a more creative sound...
^Don't listen to people telling you what/what not to do. If you want a Kaoss pad in your guitar, do it.