I am posting this ad for a close friend of mine, he's trustworthy and honest.

PM me if you're interested and I'll give contact details.

"Basically friend gave it to me because he's getting married and doesnt really use it.
its an xbox360 with 4 games
project gotham 4
gears of war
2 contollers with rechargable batteries

there is a downside however.
my friend decided that the 360 would look better spray painted silver, he totally ruined the case, I won't lie, it looks aweful.
new cases are from about £20 from what I can see online. also one of the controllers anolog sticks is missing the rubber.
it works fine, i tested every game execpt juiced, juiced still has a seal on it from Game.
this is about £100 cheaper than retail, willing to negotiate a price.


He wants £120 for the lot...

Here's pictures.

What XB 360 is it? Premium? Nd what memory has it got on it?
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Quote by metallica_death
What XB 360 is it? Premium? Nd what memory has it got on it?

That is the premium with a 20gb harddrive, free bump.
Could you/he sell Gears of War seperately?
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