i'm not sure what your asking for critique on. I would edit your thread, and let people know what you've added, what to listen for, whatever else might help people crit your work.

Anyway, I listened to hardlyne short sample and synth intro.

I really enjoyed hardlyne. it has a catchy synth rhythm, and i love the drum effect. As for the guitar, you really had some cool experimental noises and whatnot, along with some melodic "shredding" or whatever you'd like to call it. in some of the guitar-empty spots, did you think about adding a chord progression or rhythm on the guitar? it could keep things more interesting, as you can improvise with that as well... Very good sample for what i assume will turn out to be a longer song... love the outro by the way

Didn't love synth intro, it just didn't have that same hook as the other one. the rhythm is almost key-less and ambient, which i enjoy, but it just didn't keep me as interested. shows nice soloing and phrasing, though, and maybe a finished track would be more interesting

i hope i listened to what you asked for, but i have no idea. c4c

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