i was looking at some different cabs and heads and found an ampeg 4x10 and a head but i was also suggested a hartke head and cab which works out cheaper so im going with the hartke head because an SVT head is too expensive but ive never experienced ethier cab so can anyone help me out with choosing which to buy



Hartke; http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/410-xl/69235
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You're probably going to get a better cab with the Ampeg. Hartke's cabs are okay, but they're not the strong point of the company, that's for sure. There are some stories of breaking down.

What about their combos? I've been considering a Hartke HyDrive 115C, since I've been trying it out at a local music store and I'm loving it.
they both are good but look at gallien-krueger
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What about their combos? I've been considering a Hartke HyDrive 115C, since I've been trying it out at a local music store and I'm loving it.

The hydrives are on a whole different level. They're new and pretty different from the HA series. I've only tried out the HA series, but the HyDrives seem very, very good. The neodymium is a big plus.
I've had my hartke rig for over a year and used it in every possible way i can think of for who knows how many god damn sounds.. and it's still kickin strong and sounding smooth so i acnt vouch for the ampeg stuff but i can tell you my hartke rig was a fine buy
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I have the Hartke 4x10 but the paper cone

I love it

Works for everything I want it to do, I Pair it with the 1x15 and i get a pretty thick monster sound

and after gigs I keep getting people saying...
"how did you get that sound?"
"Thats a pretty big sound back there"
"The sound was pretty impressive"

Which always give me a smile

not sure about Ampeg, but are probably of a higher Quality, just saying Hartke will get the job done well
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My Hartke combo was horrendous. One of the Kickback series with the aluminium cone. Broke twice and now just sits in my room because I would rather use a 25watt practice amp.
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You can't really compare Hartke and Ampeg, tbh. 2 entirely different sounds
Just test both and you'll know wich one you want.
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I much prefer Hartke's over Ampeg.
I just love the overall tone , I get from my 4x10 aluminum cones, its an equal balance of bass and tone if you ask me. So I would go Hartke!
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