I've been playing guitar for almost a year now, and I still play notes in succession very choppy. They don't have smooth transitions, and it pisses me off because I can play the songs, but they sound like ****. What's wrong here?
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Yea, choppy as in what? It could mean a few things..

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I guess I meant legato. I'll record something to show you what I mean.
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If it's just hammer-on, pull-off and slide you have trouble with, remember... legato is fluidly playing, so... if you see something like 6h7p6h7p6 (trill) or something, do remember you don't have to pick every note... just use one hand or something.
lol i know its not very listenable, but thats the best I can do :-p
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Practice with a metronome?
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I've tried, but at the clicks I still get very unsmooth note transitions.
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Well, if you're playing that lick the same way I would, you're having trouble rolling your ring finger a little bit and that might be throwing you off on the next couple of notes. Little things like that can really throw new guitarists off. SoOoOo...(I know you're going to hate this, you've heard it before) break it down, slow down and practice alternate picking. I mean practice alternate picking everything, even your warm-ups. To work on rolling your finger try something like this:

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lol i know its not very listenable, but thats the best I can do :-p

i didn't mean that lol. it was good i was just trying to make a funny sentence. really the only thing you need is a strong vibrato to hold the notes with sustain or you can play what you normally play with legato instead of picking.

Oh, and also try more gain and neck pickup, mess with eq.(add low and mid, turn down treble)
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