I have browsed UG for some tabs on easy songs, but sometimes they are in a layout of having the chords on top of the lyrics, and I would just like to know, how does thsi work? Do you just play the chord at the right time of the lyrics? Also, there seems to be sometimes like 1 or 2 chords for a line or two of lyrics, is this just how it is played, or is it repeated?
Ugh, this gets asked often. You play the chords from the starting point until the other one above the lyrics but you need the correct strumming pattern. And there can't be two chords for the same lyric link the tab and i'll take a look at it.
Let's go back to five billion bpm and see how good i am.
I didn't mean two chords for one lyric I meant that it would have sounded odd that I was playing 1 chord, then not play anything until the next chord appears, but now I do know the correct way. Thanks for telling me
Reading tab goes hand in hand with listening to music. It is difficult to see where you should play the chord. Try listening to the song while following the tab. It will begin to make sense.
You would generally keep time strumming with some strum/picking pattern until the next chord comes up. What pattern is up to you to figure out unless the person who tabbed it put one in. Good to have a number of patterns in your bag o' tricks.

The number of beats until the next chord isn't shown. The lyrics are supposed to clue you in when to change. Not the best format IMO but its a start.
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