I've got a Dean VX, and a Line 6 spider 15 amp. The sound is crunchy, and gutsy, but i feel i can improve the sound to make this from a good guitar that sings, to a bas-ass guitar that screams. I need to find pickups that have the heavy depths of stuff like Vader, Kataklysm, and Cannibal Corpse. But, I want to be able to solo with the clarity of Gus G. of Firewind, the sound of Alexi from C.O.B.. Do you think i should change the pickups, or find some effects to get those sounds? Suggestions on those i should use?
If you want to improve the sound you need to change the amp.
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You wouldn't notice much of a differnce if you changed the pups, just a head's up
an amp upgrade would most likely be better.
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