I just got my new Boss RC-2 today and have been messing about with it. Ive saved some phrases in about 5 of the slots, and want to delete them now as they are pretty bad and i was just messing about.
Following the instructions, i set the mode selector to write/delete and selected phrase 1, which i want to delete. I then pressed select/enter twice as instructed, and this doesn't seem to be working. Every time i go back to phrase one and try and record, it starts playing the original loop i did.

Not sure if i explained that properly, but could anyone with any experience with this pedal tell me what im doing wrong.

When they're already saved to a slot, you go to the number they're at, then with the other knob, go to delete. Press that button with the light on it, it'll turn blinking red or orange or something, press it again and it'll go solid red. It is deleted.

Sorry if it was vague, haven't saved/deleted stuff in a while, I normally don't save, just loop and then leave it until I turn it off. Thus auto deletion.
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The only thing I can think of, is to wait a little. Wait a little between both pushes, and after you push it for the second time, wait until the pedal stops blinking.
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