I posted this in my Q&A thread but in retrospect it deserves its own thread if for no other reason than readability:
Not sure if I mentioned this or not in my last thread, but I'm an Eagle Scout. I'm working on writing a book on my experience as a blind boy scout detailing how I satisfied the requirements for all the ranks including Eagle. Do you guys have anything specific you would like to see covered? Thanks in advance.
That is amazing and inspiring. Sadly I have little to say other than good luck mate.
Just out of interest (and I don't wanna sound offensive or anything I really do wonder), but how can you read our replies?
every time ive met an eagle scout theyve either been selling me drugs or been too ****ed up to walk.

thats my book.

anyways, there was a book awhile ago, a kids book that was about a blind boy whos a boy scout
dont take any guff from these bastards man

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^Read the Q&A thread; it'll answer all your questions.
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haha nice. isnt there a way to have the computer read all the txt you highlight / loads on the screen blah blah blah ::

anyway, ive got nothin for ya
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ya how can you write if you are blind, or read responses?

(wait thats brail amirite?)

well if you can read this i will not say something asshole and go ahead and say that just might be an interesting book if written well.