ok dont no if this is in the right forum but im sorry
i have a laney vc50 and you can attach a 4ohms cab to it as well but i cant find any 4ohms guitar cabs. ive read alot on using different ohms values but dont fully understand on what you have to do.

can anyone give me an idea on 4ohm cabs or if there is anyway to connect a different cab?
or if you find a 2x12" 16 ohm cab you can rewire it for 4 ohms

two 8ohms speakers in series = 16ohms
two 8ohms speakers in parallel = 4ohms
Is it not an 8ohm setup in the combo, and you switch the amp to 4ohms when you attach a second 8ohm cabnet. I think thats how it works on my VC30.
yer i can switch it to 8ohms but then tat cancels out the internal speakers so its just running through the cab. i want the internals to work and the extension cab so it becomes a 4X12 in theory.
cheers for the help