I want to record a song to send into my local radio station but I dont have a software, all I have is a computer and I have two mics and I prefer not to use a camera but if it is the only way then i will.
I suggest you download Audacity. It's free, easy to use, has effects, and you can save songs as MP3s (which I couldn't find any other free software that did that).
Well if you want to record on a computer then you need some sort of software to record it. But you could record on a four-track tape without worrying about computers, but that would be a little more difficult. My recommendation, download a program called Audacity. It's completely free, for Mac or PC, and is very user-friendly. Google it for the website.
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macs have garageband... you can add midi's or real instruments for everything, its simple and easy, if you have a mac lol... otherwise, go with audacity.

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ok i will go with audacity but how do I get it to record I dont think there is a speaker on my computer.
Just curious.... why are you sending it to your local radio station? Have they asked for it? Is there a contest? Just hoping they'll play it?

Here is why I ask. Nearly all corporate radio stations are owned by media conglomerates, and generally don't playlist anything that doesn't at least have a distribution deal. Even if it is for a contest or an indie hour or something like that, they're going to expect a recording of far better quality than you are going to be able to produce right now.

Unless there is another reason, I'd suggest re-evaluating your purposes for making the recording, start with a simple setup, and work your way up from there.

If you want to submit for contests, record labels, etc., and you don't want to wait five years or so until your knowledge, abilities, and gear catch up to where you'll be able to pull that off successfully, maybe consider going to a studio. Lots of local studios are project studios that don't cost a whole lot, and still turn out very listenable quality. At my studio, which I run as a hobby, I only charge $150 for a six hour day.

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