The reviews on that site sing its praises, but they might be filtering the results!

Behringer are not famous for their trademark of quality!
wrong section me thinks *reported*
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I have never seen a Behringer item that hasn't died right before my eyes.
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in my band we use a behringer bass amp and i hate the sound. no other experience, but when i have ot use it on the few songs i play bass, i hate the thing and everything about it. its a 90w and it seems like its absolutely struggling to play with a 65w guitar amp at 2 or 3 volume with the bass amp up around 5-8. no excuse. it should be blowing us away with 90w in a small room and it not only doesn't, but the tone is terrible on top of that.
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behringer is a crappy company, i have not played a single good thing they have made, your better off with an ibanez, epiphone, or even a squier starter pack, they arent that great themselves, but they are a lot better than the behringer and worth what you pay.
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i have it and its IMO the best starter pack
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