I am currently looking to buy an amp to rehearse and do the occasional gig with. I play mostly heavy-ish rock with some touches of metal.

So today I tried this amp at my local guitar store and I must say I like it alot, seems reasonably priced and sounds great for my type of music.

Can anyone share their opinions/experiences with this amp and/or recommend another amp?

It is meant to be a GREAT amp.

But reliability can be issue, BUT, if it works after around a month of use, you're pretty safe.
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Ive heard nothing but good things besides reliability issues.

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I think people overdo the whole can we trust Bugeras thing

They're freaking handbuilt ok, they shouldnt break. Thankfully there is a warranty. I think these are the best hi-gain low priced amps on the market.
hey man i have the 6262-212 combo and i freaking love the thing i have had since January, like a few months after they came out. i use it as a backup for my 5150 II half stack and run it through a Mesa 2x12 cab with V30s in it for a "mini stack" thing.lol SOUNDS GREAT. have been touring and gigging all over the southern coast of the US with it since Febuary.

i did a tube swap, the preamp tubes only and it sounds even better! put me some High gain JJ ECC83Ss in there. bout to do a power tube swap on it as well.

if you get this amp be sure to get you a noise suppressor/noise gate pedal or somthing cause with all high gain amps, comes a bit of noise. try out a MXR Smart Gate or a ISP Decimator.

but yeah man the 6260/6262 are great amps!
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Thanks dude, definately going to look into getting a noise suppressor. Heading back this weekend to try out the thing some more and probably buy it.