I wrote this song about a month ago and finally decided to record it, i used Guitar Rig 3 to generate the tones, which i highly recommend for recording. I did the drums myself on my Yamaha Electronic Kit...look under my instruments for pics n stuff

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hey man really good! and great job with the drums, i bet its damn funny to play them.

i would remove the slow clean part at 02:00, if you do a thrash metal song, go thrash metal all the way!

specially loved the guitar at 02:50 - 03:00

anyway guitar was too slow for the song title, "ultrasonic" you are supposed to go faster than 320 m/s!!!!

good job

4/5, i rated the song in your profile

Sounds awesome, but the clean part needs work, it feels out of time sometimes and breaks up the center of the song the way it is now, maybe try something else clean? Really like the solo. Dont get me wrong, the clean segment would change the pacing up well enough, you just need a different type (Maybe classical guitar style of some of the riffs you play?).

Everything was well done except the cleans, they were alright, needs more work on that part. And it kinda just... ends oddly, its like a cliche ending, you may need a new ending.

Guitar Rig really sounds good :O

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