I've never been on a roller coaster before and my friends are going to Six Flags. They're going to want to go on the big ones and I wanted to know if its a bad idea for me to go. If you have ever been there please help.
Thank you.
Go. It's fun.
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Bad idea, all roller coaster at Six Flags are huge.. try going to Knotts Berry Farm to start smaller
Just sack up, and go on them with your friends. Roller coasters are fun as hell.
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Do you like driving fast / biking fast? Then chances are you'll like roller coasters.
i don't ride roller coasters because i hate the feeling of my stomach dropping. i like rollercoasters but i just can't stand that feeling.
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Grow a pair and go..... i've been there, its unreal. Except for the queues. Believe me when i say that when the offfer you the costly no queing pass, take it!
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The third coaster I ever went on was Kingda-Ka.

They aren't bad at all.

My very first roller coaster was the Hulk at Islands of Adventrue at Universal Florida.

I just dove in head first, in terms of coasters.
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I've been on them all my life, I started with the small ones because that was all I was tall enough to go on. Buy yeah, go for it, the worst that can happenis that you try one, don't like it but spend a day with your mates.
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