i have a 5150 combo that has been bias modded. i have read that they have a fixed bias.
the guy i bought it from told me that he has it set at EVH's settings (cold to my understanding).
tho this is a great tone, it's not what i'm looking for. i'm looking something similar to bullet for my valentine and other hardcore/metal sounds.
i'm don't understand biasing really well, but should i have the amp biased to warmer (around it's original setting) or a little hotter to achieve this sound i want???
The 5150 and 6505 are biased cold form the Factory, this makes the clean channel sound bad, usually people bias the amp warmer to help out the cleans, not the other way around. I would mess around with the Eq untill you find somthing you like, the amp should be what your looking for, for the type of tones you listed.
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