i enjoy drugs (like, naughty ones, like alcohol and stuff) as do a number of my friends. one of my friends (Jay who is so cooool) has made a bebo page for our collective gang of cooooool wasters. our gang has cooooool a name. Team well cool.
please take a look at our cooool page, theres many pictures of us wasted (like that time I had 2 bacardi breezers and i snorted sherbet it was WICKED!) and one particular one of jay when he fell asleep and we balanced a rediculous amount of **** on him, and it was really funny.Just thought you guys might care about it or something.

heres the title pic. i unfortunatly was chosen to be on the very front of our page lol.
i am definatly not sober lollolollolololol (plz don't tell my mum)