I'm planning on getting a guitar and paying monthly til I pay it off. How long will it take for the actual guitar to get to my house?
should take no more than a week. When they sent me my amp it took about that long. When they sent me my fuzz pedal it took 2 days, but they had just sent me an empty box -_- They re-sent it thought and it should come today !
the bass that I ordered from them took about two months, but it was backordered.

usually it should be no more than two weeks.
Took a couple of days for some picks, so not too long. Probably comes quicker if you order something bigger...

They also give you a tracking number which sometimes is or is not compatible with one of the shipping companies that allow for tracking status.
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Musicians friend are VERY good with shipping. I use them all the time when getting music related stuff.
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