Hey guys!
So i'm starting this new project, i'm writing scripts for some animation videos. Just simple ones, stickfigure characters. I need some ideas though. So the premise of this video is that every sound in the world has some action that you can see. I'm starting it off with the wind blowing through the trees, and the sound you can see is little drops of sound falling to the ground and watering the roots of the trees.
Anyways, after it gets into it a little bit, it turns into a battle of musical sounds created by humans. So the first guy hits some sticks on a rock and makes little fires, then another guy comes up rubbing two sticks together making it rain on and put out the fires. The first guy carves a flute out of one of the sticks and blows the rain away with puffs of sound from it. Then a stickwoman with a harp comes in, and as she pulls the strings, arrows appear on them and shoot towards the first guy.
So, I want to know what you guys think of this, would it be a cool video? Also, I need some ideas for more instruments to be played. I eventually wanna build it up to a guitar and more.