everybody post their biggest epic fail ever,

heres mine

I was playing a show with a friend of mine, in front of about 30 people. We were about halfway through our set, which was an hour long, and we decided to break from the set list that we had and play another brick in the wall. All goes well through most of the song, untill we got to the solo. I was playing the biggest bend, about halfway through the solo, when my B string snapped. As my fingers slipped off my fretboard, the neck flew upwards and the edge of the guitar neck bashed me in the side of the head. I had a huge bruise on my face for 2 weeks and i was so embarrased.
You forgot not using the search bar.

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You forgot not using the search bar.


i did, but i couldnt find it
Man, I remember there was another thread where the TS was asking us to post our "epic fail" pics. But in his first post, he didn't post the pics properly and it was just some html ****.

I should have taken a screenshot of that.
When people describe everything as an 'epic fail,' even in real life, not just on the internet. It really starts to bug me after a while.
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