FS/FT Custom 5 String Jazz bass. Spalt/Flame Maple. High Spec. (UK Only)

Hey guys.

Up for sale is my 5 String Jazz bass parts bass.

The Bass body is a Solid 2 Peice Spalt/flame maple body. Made by Basschats very own Chopthebass. Its a gorgeous Piece of wood. Really nicely shaped and not very heavy at all! I have installed a Twin Battery compartment which leads to the spacious control cavity.

Inside the Cavity is an expensive and Rare Schack three band Pre-amp (Note these are not made anymore) The pre-amp has three sets of mini switches on the circuit board for even more tonal range. These are the pre-amps that are put in high end Fodera basses. It is currently running on 18volts however the pre-amp is also designed to handle up to 24volts if you so wished.

-Bass (100-300Hz via dip switches) ±15dB

-Middle (500-1500Hz via dip switches) ±15dB

-Treble (2000-8000Hz via dip switches) ±18dB

-Adjustable pickup input gain

The pickups are some nice Bartolini Jazz bass pups. They have a very piano like tone. Roll the bridge off and it sounds like a hot Jaco bass. Add the neck and you have a thundering sound.

Also installed is an Active/Passive Switch AND a Kill Switch. The controls are as follows. Balance, Volume, Bass, Mid, Treble.

The Control plate is a strat style plate which is securely mounted on the back of the control plate. It is angled so that you can easily thread the lead through your strap pins without stretching your cable unneccesarily.

Currently The Balance pot is just a normal Linear pot, This means that there are only three positions Bridge solo, Neck solo and both pickups full on. This can be replaced with a Proper Balance pot (About 3 quid) to acheive full balance controls. The control knobs also need a bit of a clean and i am missing a matching one (I have placed a mismatched one on in the pictures to show what the bass could look like.)

The neck is a high quality Mighty Mite 5 string P bass neck, Maple with rosewood board. 4/1 headstock (This style of headstock is no longer made by MightyMite). The original truss rod was not man enough for the job and had the 4mm rod taken out and a 6mm rod inserted and is far far better. The frets have been filed and dressed. The neck is straight and true.

Connecting the neck is counter sunk neck bolts. And the heel is contoured for extra comfort.

The bridge is a high quality/mass Schaller 5 string bass bridge. And Schaller lightweight tuners. All in stunning black. The string tree is also black and of high quality. Dunlop Straplocks have also been installed.

The bass comes with a quality Kinsman Hardcase. I will also through in a nice leatherette strap with the dunlop pins installed.

And the pictures.

Its taken me a long time and heartache to get this bass sorted out. It took forever to setup but now is perfect to play. Apart from mismatched control pots and the balance pot it is brilliant. The pre-amp/pickup combo is top notch. I received the parts in a part ex and I have spent £245 overall on repairs/setup and installation. This is a Fantastic bass, Built from premium parts and with a low action. Not a mark on her, Has not been played for more then a few hours. As such there is no wear to this bass. The bass was assembled by Tom Waghorn of Waghorn guitars in Bristol.

I would recommend this bass for any Funk/Rockstars. The slap tones to die for!

I would like £700 Collected + 20 quid with postage. Trades welcome I am interested in most things pm me with any offers.

Anyone who lives close to Bristol is welcome to try it out at any time.

Cheers guys.

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