hey, i'm thinking of setting up a bass pedalboard.

i'm thinking just three pedals. Boss TU-2 tuner, Boss GEB-7 EQ, and Boss CEB-3 bass chorus.

but i don't wanna be close minded. any suggested effects or anything.

i play rock, punk, alternative. and a little funk just for fun.

my gear is in my sig so you know.


also any suggested pedalboards?
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A distortion or fuzz if you prefer that. Maybe alittle envelope filter.
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the new big muff for the bass is a nice fuzz pedal

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I have the Tu-2 and Geb-7 on my pedal board aswell, good choice. Try an Ashdown Dist. Pedal (to match your amp) and the Boss BCB-60 is a good pedal board.

If you just wanna stick with those three pedals though look at the BCB-30, it only has space for three compact pedals. http://www.bossus.com/ - theres a useful site for you.
i vote wah, and a overdrive

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i'm not so much into fuzz's and distortions. i'm really just looking for a great overall tone i can use.

maybe a fuzz or something will give me that. idk. thats why i turned to ug..

and i was on bossus.com all morning
I play bass!
some crazy little lepercon who will make sure your gear is all good and clean.

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if you don't like fuzz, don't get fuzz.
you can get a wah, or an octaver. that octave, if done right, can sound really good with a little bit of chorus and some aggressive trebly goodness.

but, they're expensive.

if you do funk or hip hop, definitely look into the envelope. also, go to the bass forum FAQ. I think there is a section on pedals.

EDIT: I forgot. compressors are good too. versatile tools.
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Too much BOSS, they're overrated if you ask me, anything BOSS can do, EHX can do better.

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Too much BOSS, they're overrated if you ask me, anything BOSS can do, EHX can do better.

And anything EHX can do MXR can do cheaper. But most MXRs don't have true hardware bypass. But then again most of the MXR pedals I've bought haven't completely fried within a week (unlike my POG )
only buy what your gonna use i say, personally i go for Digitech Envelope Filter, Boss Compressor, Boss Tu-2 Tuner and accasional Boss Overdrive/Distortion. But essentialy i'm a bassist and dont really need a gazillion pedals... There good fun and stuff at home and recording, but often your tone gets lost in the mix during live situations.

If you have more pedals than your guitarist then theres a problem...
well i think
and envelope filter to have fun
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