I don't know if this has been posted yet, but Metallica released "The Day that Never Comes" to the public for free! Link:


I personally cannot wait for the new album to come out. I think this song is really powerful. Check it out!
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.........oh wow.
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Lol...boring song.

Intro was like OMGAMAZING BUT everything after 5 minutes was worthless.
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meh its ok, i dont like the vocals, too much like Load/Reload....... it kind of is like a cros between AJFA and the black album.

but does this mean there are 2 ballads on the album (the unforgiven III too)? thats never a good thimg
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I love the song i really do, thier best song since Justice (better than Cyanide, which i also like) but please, for the love of god go to the right thread cause if this thread is open for long enough it'll get taken over by members of the pit who are (although qite often hillarious) intrested only in wrecking threads with half serious topics
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Lol...boring song.

Intro was like OMGAMAZING BUT everything after 5 minutes was worthless.

their songs (in general) are too long to keep my attention
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that'd be slightly creepy if i didn't find it so amusing.
Personally, I love the hell out of the song. The mid section is kind of drab, but the into and when it picks up after about mid song, delicious.
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It was on Radio 1.
The first time they play something that isn't pop etc. and it's terrible.
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It really seems like they've analyzed what they did best, in the 80's then kind of got a mixng pot of riffs that they didn't use, stir them up, and come out with a kind of mess.

None of the songs so far seem to have a theme, kind of thing..