Ok. So I was thinking about starting a band - No, not a cover band - and I was wondering: Would it be a bad choice to start a band when I have very little music theory experience? I do have almost 5 years of experience on the guitar and almost 7 on the flute (I still suck at it). I just don't want to start a band and realize it was a horrible choice.

EDIT: Before anyone says it; Yes, I know I need a new amp before I start a band. I'm saving for one now.
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Bands are for fun. if its not fun, just quit. Its no biggy.
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Well if you don't know much theory, you might want to start as a cover band, and learn theory during that stage, then start writing your own stuff. A lot of bands do this.
Depends what you want to play. If it's like punk you don't need theory at all really, but if it's like technical metal then yeah it'd be pretty handy there.
mrsheen just summed it up i think.

but if you've been playing for so long, you should be able to throw something reasonable together?
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