Ok so I went looking in my lgs(local guitar store) and I was looking at the fender strats checking out prices and whatnot when I sea a surf green(it actualy says daphne blue but its green) squire. Its only $100 compared to an american standard strat thats like $400-500. So how much of a difference is there between a squire bullit strat and an american standard fender strat. I would be changing the pickups so it pretty much like the wood and bridge and that stuff. Do they feel crappier when playing them?
Changing the pickups on a squier bullet will not help the fact that it sucks. You'd be MUCH better off just buying a standard and keeping the stock pickups.
I dont think youd be finding american strats for $500, pretty sure theyd be mexican?

Get the affinity stratocaster, theyre made from alder so itd be worthwhile to change the pups.

Neck feel is normally very important to me, squier strats (and mexican fenders) have always felt like baseball bats to me, the teles on the other hand (the affinity) felt very comfortable.