what ive been doing instead of the normal palm muting is using my fretting hand to mute the strings its not string muting cause in not palying any cords just hitting one string

what i have been doing is putting my index finger on the middle of the fret on the wood then put my middle finger bring them close together so that my middle finger sits on the fret
my middle finger is not on the wood it is on the metal but still on the string

hiting the string make the same sound as if i palm mute it but it has a little longer sustain

i showed this to my guitar teacher and he said that hes never seen this so i was wondering if anyone has ever heard or seen this and if they have i might need a new teacher
I think you're taliking about left hand muting and if it is, well that's pretty old, you can hear it in back in black by you now by who xDD (acdc)
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First of all, you should try to do learn about using these things called "periods."

It sounds like you are doing some sort of harmonic. I am pretty sure you did not invent some "new" technique. But nice try.....
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