Now my band seems to be taking several courses in terms of genre.

We've recently got ourselves a piano player so we know that will immediatly change our genre slightly from the classic rock/metal thing that we had been labelled as before.

We have 3 fastish metal-like songs (one of them is also quite progressive).

We have 3 kind progrssive rock tracks (one of them is quite poppy in places while the other 2 both have massive outro solos at the end, these are the ones with the most piano in them).

We also have 2 kinda groovy classic rock tracks (these don't have piano parts in them yet but will do).

Thats quite diverse in it's own right and we have a wide range of covers, our 3 most famou are Master of Puppets, Beat (Fall Out Boy version) and Waiting for an Alabi.

Here comes what i believe to be the problem:

Our other guitarist want to take us on a more classic/retro rock path

Our Drummer will write to anything but is in kind of a post hardcore/indie/metalcore phase and it's hard to work out what he likes and what he dosen't

(These two find it impossible to agree on anything but it in the end makes our music better as we can find ideas which mould both thier ideas into something which is ultimatly better)

Our Pianist hasen't contributed anything to the band in terms of song ideas but we haven't had many practises with us and has only done 2 gigs with us.

Our bassist wants to make all our music a little more progressive, which has resulted in us writing one of our best tracks recently where he wrote every single part of the track even though he can't sing or can't play the piano.

Our (female) singer is a really good lyricist but likes screamo, that being the one thing we wouldn't try and write (even though there is one song with a screaming part in it) and is desperate to write a track with large sections of screaming in it.

And i will write for most styles but mainly i like taking us in an 80's metal kinda direction and i also like making my songs progressive.

My question is, is this band to diverse to get a cohesive soound out of it or can we mould all of these ideas and make a new sound which everyone is happy with?

Sorry for the long winded post. I hope no-one gets too bored in reading it.

Thanks in advance for all replies
That is what Progressive Music is all about. Fitting all those Genera into one band. Don't limit yourselves to one sound because it will get boring. Write a 14 minute metal song with shifting time signtures and follow it up with a slow ballad. you can do what ever you want as a band and not be pigeon holed in to one genra.

And if symmetry4321 is your band You have some pretty good tracks.
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