Hey All.
I am looking to purchase a new amp.
I have a budget of around 800 dollars, 1000 TOPS. Ive been looking on ebay and found some nice amps. I found the Mesa Boogie Express for 600 bucks, and an F-30 for 700. I also founs a marshall JCM DSL for 500, but its ten years old. Any suggestions?

P.S. I am a HUGE fan of Mesa Tone.
im in the same situation as you, im looking for a mesa, but with a little more money to spend prlly. keep checking ebay. if mesa is what you really want, then find one you like and take it. im just wating for the right one to come along for me and my budget
If you want a Mesa sound, why not look for a used MKIV. Seen them go for 800 before.
If its the DSL401, get it. It pwnz.
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Have you played the F-30 or express? Wouldn't make much sense to buy one if you haven't. With that budget you should be able to find a good used Mesa, just be sure it's what you want.