bought a TOneport GX recently. Plugged it, liked it instantly. I used to use a Live! with kxdrivers, which kicked ass for the time.

The thing is I'm getting a latency of 12ms with the Toneport (that's what Cubase told me). I think each ms would be like standing 1 foot further from the speaker. ie, 12ms has the same latency as the time the sound would take to get to you from a speaker standing 12 feet away.

Which seems pretty fair, but I really expeted a little less latency since with my Live! I use to get 5ms. I'm planning to use the Toneport with an amp standing 12 feet away so probably latency will probably be a problem.

I'm running Cubase SX2 on a Core2Duo E4500@2.2 - 2GB DDR on WinXP.
Line6 driver buffer size @ 256.

Any suggestions to lower my latency or I just have to deal with it? 12ms is not that bad, but I expeted a little more. ASIO4ALL and kxDriver can do better.
These are 1.1 USB devices and so you have to expect some amount of latency. If you want better speed go with a 2.0 USB or even firewire setup.

The EMU 0202 or 0404 are great USB units
The Mackie Onyx Satellite, PreSonus Inspire 2496, and PreSonus Firebox are all great firewire units.

You can try messing with buffers but the toneports are not all that great IMO.