I need to buy a practice amp because my Marshall stack is annoying to lug around for small practices and writing sessions with people and jamming, it will also be used for guitar gradings. Basically I dont want much wattage atall, just enough to make playing at bedroom levels sound good on a solid state. I need a very clean sound that can take to pedals well, for example a distortion pedal and it should be under £100 or $200.

So ... recommend my friends
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yee vox ad15at or ad30vt
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I find the Vox muddy and that it's not amazing with some pedals. Obviously, it's a great practice amp, and if you're using your own distortion then it ought to be decent enough.

I've heard lots of good things about Epiphone's Valve Junior, though.
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Vox Da5 or Roland MicroCube. Bedroom levels right? 5 watts is more than you need for that, won't need your distortion pedal for either but it's a matter of taste. Try them both.
Vox AD15VT or Roland Cube 20.
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If you've already got pedals. Valve Junior combo hands down.
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If you've got pedals and don't mind simplicity, a Valve Junior will do you well.
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okay so maybe a valve junior, will my ds-1 and ts-9 be enough to have a hard rock tone? then? wid a strat modded with a hs-3 in the bridge
otherwise you could check out the new peavey vypyr series, they seem to be like a spider but actually good, i tried one at guitar center, it has many stompboxes and effects in it but unlike other modeling amps you can actually tweak the effect controls. for 100 usd it the 15 watt practice model was very nice.
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