I'm really unfamiliar with car stereos, but the front speakers in my car were blown out and I just recently replaced them with a pair of Pioneer speakers I got for $60. The only complaint I have is that the sound coming from the passenger side totally dominates the sound from the driver's side. The balance is set to the middle, so I don't see why this should happen. Is it possible I have one of the speakers wired backwards or what?
^ and if that doesnt work, why not mess wit the balance?

i've got 4 prioneer speakers in mine and they sound wicked

good choice

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change the balance
I have tried changing balance, it doesn't help. I will see if I can maybe switch them when I get time to do so. Thanks guys

Edit: Switching the wiring I mean. Since the passenger speaker is more dominant, it makes sense to switch the driver side speaker first, right?