I've been playing acoustic for ~8 months, electric for 2 months, can currently play several [beginner?] solos in large part or whole (Stairway, Nothing Else Matters, Sunshine of your Love, Alive, etc.). Not upto speed nor perfectly polished on all of course, just explaining a bit of what I've worked on so far.

My practice is typically: a couple minor pentatonic shapes up and down and then random notes, skip strings and such; then 1234 up and 4321 down across neck, then some parts of various solos. My goal is to get faster but also expand ability with scales, I'm just wondering what y'all would recommend for practice sessions? I typically invest about one hour/day (not altogether, throughout the day). Just want to be sure I'm not practicing too much of the wrong stuff

Thanks for any help,
Well, if you spend an hour doing that, you'll get a lot of progress, but maybe put some theory and techniques in there aswell.

Like bending and hammerning on and pulling off of such.
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