its been used for about 3 months now, sounds pefect, only has a few blemishes. im selling it for $330, $375 with the case (the case is really good and in perfect condition, retails for $100)

if anyone is interested, PM me and ill send pics. i live near detroit, MI. if you cant pick it up, you'll have to pay shipping
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white with gold hardware. im selling cheap because its used. guitar center sells it used for 430. so basically im selling it $100 cheaper then guitar center, so that i can actually sell it soon because i really want to get a gibson sg, which i recently played and fell in love with. im selling the case $55 cheaper because hey, if your buying the guitar im gonna hook you up with the case cheap, even though its in perfect condition.
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thats cheap 4 a LP Custom, i thought they went for 600.00+ @ GC

He said they sell them USED at GC for $430.... but i agree, that IS pretty cheap. Whoever buys this things is lucky.

I'm really interested in this, I have the money but I really need to decide on whether I want to spend it on this or not, it's so f***ing tempting though, but I'll get back to you on it.
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its at my dads, im going there in a week to get it. ill take a lot of pics, and let you guys know. check back in a week
Sounds good, by then I should know what I'm gonna do. I definitely want this but I just don't know if I need another guitar, but we'll see, I'm trying to get rid of one right now anyways. So buying this is looking pretty good.
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alright sorry for the delay but you know what, im gonna drop the price by $25. so anybody interested in the epiphone les paul custom plus hardshell case for $350? if so send me a message and ill send some pics
hey i know its kinda late, but i just found the thread, id like to see some pics if you still have it
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