So we got fleas, they're ****ing annoying, but that's not the point. What I'm getting at is me and my dad are going to bomb it. Will the flea bomb thingy mess up my finish on my guitars, or mess anything up with my amp?
dont know
but to be on the safe side, move them

and to bad on the fleas
stop playing with dogs
Cover your guitars with a plastic sheet. My dog has fleas, we bombed the house, and then I just kept her out of my room so they wouldn't spread to me.
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Fleas.. hate them.. And bombing them would do a lot more damage to your guitar than hurt the finish...
We've got a flea porblem too, we didnt use a bomb tho.....thats a bit over the top i mean were not american :P (sorry awful joke) anyway we spray stuff put poweder all over the palce and gave the dog pills that kill fleas that land on him too....btw adult fleas make up an incredibly small eprcentage of the total popualt of the infestation the vast majority of the popualtion will be eggs or larvae so make sure u bomb the main nesting place and keep the dog in 1 part of the house to stop the spread....also check urselves often (wearing white helps tho i dont ave new hite so im buggered)...but in short yeah move u guitars just to be safe if ur using a flea bomb

ps the main nesting area is likely to be a carpet or soemthing that the dog is likely to lie on often, we chucked the rug our dog always lay on out....and the infestation has decreased a lot still the odd bugger popping or hopping up tho....sorry im really full of terrible jokes thatm giht be y my ex dumped me :P

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