I can get a squier affinity body and neck for really cheap and i was wondering if that would be a good guitar to get if i want to repaint it and put in all new electronics. will it sound good after i put all new stuff in? all i will really keep will be the body and the neck off the squier.
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The only thing that could hold you back is the "inferior" wood.

But considering you make a guitar sound like anything, it shouldn't.
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depends, a lot of people hate the neck/ playability of the squier strat, so no matter how much you mod it, the playability will be the same
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how bout a low end ibanez rg? there quite inexpensive
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The Affinity strats are the only ones made with Alder in the Squier series, so yes.
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Yea it is, much better than the Standard series. As long as the neck plays well, you pretty much have a nice, blank Strat to do what you want with it.
the Affinity Squier Strat is an awesome platform for modding. With its alder body and very playable neck, the upgrades I recommend are:
1. a MIM Fender Standard bridge from 2007 or later (has the beefier trem block and the 6 screw holes line up) or get a Wilkinson bridge (Guitar Fetish or Stew Mac)
2. Electronics: pots and switch, very inexpensive
3. Output jack: very cheap
4. A fresh paint job; very inexpensive, fun, huge learning experience.

Good Luck!

Yeah, Affinities are the only Squiers made of solid wood. Mine's 2-piece alder/agathis. Hell, Fender Americans aren't even solid wood, but 7-piece laminate. Ever wonder why the contours are painted over in black on a burst? To cover up the layers. Ingenious, really.

My Affinity plays as well as every Fender I've ever played (and that's alot). Doesn't sound very bad, either. Much better than your average Squier.

Edit: Affinities also have the thickest, toughest paint jobs I've ever seen on a budget guitar. Good luck sanding through it.
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