I have been looking for a new tremolo system and i was looking at a kahler hybrid.
i was also looking at original floyd rose systems that i actually have experience with.
what is the big difference between the two and which one acts as a better tremolo?

kahlers are good but they have a few design flaws, mainly the amount of places the strings touch the bridge and other contact points...

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there's a guy that did a really in-depth comparison on youtube, and from what it looks like OFR's come out on top. but watch them anyway.They basically answer your question
From what i've observed, floyds perform better but the kahler is also much easier to maintain and adjust. So if you can handle the floyd definitly get it unless you really want all the easy adjustments/hardtail capability.
my teacher has a guitar with a kahler. i always play it, it just feels so much smoother and streamlined. also it is so much easier to maintain(this is my opinion btw)
Kahlers, as stated in that vid have a tendencay to go out of tune with bends, due to the fact the came dosent reset when bent, so watch it if your a blues player!!!
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I like Kahlers for 2 reasons, 1 of them is not mentioned in that video series. I love the feel of a Kahler, it makes gentle vibrato and precise diving and pitch shifting very easy in a way that I feel Floyd cannot.

The second reason is that a Floyd lowers the strings a bit when you pull up, and a Kahler pulls them straight back. My guitar can get a very nice action without fretting out on bends or having any buzz, but with a Floyd, I hate how it will kill notes in the same way that fretting out on bends does. Kahlers do not do that.

But yes, Kahlers fall out of tune on bends, and I must admit that Floyds stay in tune much better.
floyds are in fact better, but I would say you should get a kahler.

but only if they're official floyd roses. the licensed ones are good but they dont match up to kahlers.

I like them both equally but I must say that the kahler is MUCH more comfortable to play with.

Also, floyds take a tremendous amount of mounting, I was asking around how much someone would want to route one for me, and most people just refused or charged high prices like 300-400$ JUST to route it.

So if you dont mind doing some crazy routing then get a Official floyd rose

I hear kahlers are much easier to route onto guitars, and they're pretty much equal to floyd roses in my opinion.

So i'd say save the time and money and get a kahler.
I put a ZR in my guitar and now I don't care for either, the ZR solved all the problems...
Well, my BCR Gunslinger has a Kahler on it, but as soon as I get $265 I'm buying a Floyd and getting it installed.

They just have better tuning stability, a locking nut, instead of a stringlock AFTER the nut (>_>, and just sound better IMO.
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