I'm a huge fan of the band Nightmare and i'd like to purchase one of their signature guitars one day, an ESP sho-ryu-ken but they cost about $5000

There is a Grassroot version of the guitar which is about $800 iirc
but im worried about how it would sound since i heard that grassroots have bad sound and pickups.

Also how are they compared to other guitars?
you posted this same thing on gamefaqs didn't you?
They are comparable to ltds just change the stock pickups to what ever the nightmare guys use.
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nightmare is WIN.

never hearda Grassroots though =/ link?

you can find grassroots on the side.
it's made by ESP and i think it still has good quality.
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is there an edwards version? if so, i'd go with that. grassroots are meant to be alright, but they aren't meant to be as nice as edwards (they aren't made in japan)- $800 should buy you a non-signature edwards if you're in the USA (so you won't get hit with customs)... i'd personally rather have a nicer guitar even if it's not a signature model, but it's up to you, of course.
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allright thanks guys. and yea i did post the same thing on gamefaqs. doesnt hurt to have different resources and help
Wow, some of those ESP signatures for the Japanese guys are pretty insane...
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