I love playing pink floyd solos like comfortably numb. what kind of amp should I get thats a great amp overall and can still give me the sound I am looking for? I dont want to spend more then $1000 USD on it used or new.
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just get yourself any big clean amp (some kind of larger Fender tube amp would work fine) + fuzz pedal (from the 70s onward he used a Electroharmonix Big Muff, I reccomend the russian one. Its a good basis for a fuzz, you'll start an entire collection of them, its addictive after you get the first one ) and add some nice analog delay and you're there

and a Strat of course
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you might be able to find a hiwatt custom 7 used for close to a grand, it would probably be a bit more, even though its only 7 watts it has monster tone. and you could always mic it on stage

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