I just bought my Mesa Rect-o-verb and I am looking for some help.
I am going to mod the parallel effects loop to series to better utilize the effects of my GT-10 pedal. I only plan on using the effects, not the amp/cab sims.

My problem is that I am having an issue setting the GT-10 to switch channels on the Mesa. For those that know, the GT-10 has a dedicated Amp Control 1/4" jack. I am plugging a cable from it into the Channel Switching jack on the back of the Mesa.

No love...I have set the GT-10 to enable Amp Switching and set a Control Button to switch channels throughout the entire system...so it is not patch specific.

My thoughts are that it has something to do with the cable I am using. I have searched online but have not found anything yet.

Please help.
try contacting whoever makes the GT-10 (boss i think, i dont know). whever i have questions i try and email fender or gibson or whatever and they are always very happy to help out.
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Chea_man is the best.
That site's traffic is sort of slow. I figured there might be a UG'er here with the answer.

Nonetheless, I figured it out. Read below if interested.

The GT-10 has a feature where you can assign any of the footswitches whichever parameter you want. I was trying to assign Channel A/B toggle to Ctl 2.

What I should have done was scroll almost to the end of the list and look for the parameter labeled "Amp Control." Go figure.

Turns out the Channel A/B parameter is for the 2 internal paths that the GT-10 can route through.

FYI for anyone that cares.
Thanks for the suggestions.