there is one more song that i just wanted to share. take a listen and let me know what u think C4C od course
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wow well i thought it was beast. i didnt hear the first one only the cleaner one. there was one part around 1:30 where you broke into solo. it was abrupt and i think a transition like a drum fill or somethin would be nice. also it got a tid bit monotonous. but then again if i could make my guitar scream like that id carry it on too. i like the medley of riffs. it definitely fits the song title. alright ....heres my self promotion. look on my profile and take a look at my song. its meant to be humorous so listen with non-serious ears. let me know.....
thats a cool track. lots of soloing going on, very well played i like the licks you use. for the most part the song flows from one part to the next, although a couple of times what you played threw me off from what I expected. The bass fits well with the song, i like the part where the solo kinda builds up and then drops out to a hard bass riff, it was a nice touch. good work overall, you should record some more stuff. anyway i still got my tracks in my profile i think they work fine for me im not sure why they wouldnt work. If you wanna try checkin em out again feel free.