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In one of my classes, we were assigned to check out how old our bodies actually are.

Go to this site:

Take the survey, try to be honest, and tell us your Virtual Age. I don't think you can post the picture of your stats, unless you prtscrn.

EDIT: After looking at a few of the different answers, the virtual age seems a bit skewed, so just post the life expectancy, that seems a little closer to reality.
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I got uh, -3.1 and 91.1. I don't think this works too well for teenagers and below.
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I'm expected to live until 92. I kind of don't want to though... I would rather go out around 65 or 70.
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real age: 18
virtual age: 6.5
average life expectancy: 74
my life expectancy: 85.5
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You can expect to live approximately another 28100 more days.

Biological Age - 14
Virtual Age - -3

Average Life Expectancy - 74
Your Life Expectancy - 91
It says my virtual age is 3, but I also couldnt answer a couple questions and skipped a couple because I clicked too fast.
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14.2 what the hell. i look almost 18
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Real- 16
Virtual- 5.3
Ave. Exp.- 74
Mine- 84.7

I'm in football so this was easy!
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I got uh, -3.1 and 91.1. I don't think this works too well for teenagers and below.

hells yeah, i got the same thing!
real age 21

virtual 2.4
life expectancy 92.6

but its a bull**** test sorry
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Real Age: 17
Virtual Age:7.2
My Life Expectancy: 83.8

I completely guessed at some questions (i.e. the ones where you have to know things about yourself that most people probably won't know (I'd hope.)), and I really don't believe in this survey's accuracy.
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"You can expect to live approximately another 18900 more days."yay

I'm expected to live to 70, not bad. 70.9 if where going to be exact
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i tried it again to see how long i would live if i was a smoking, drinking, obese, stocky, bald man who was depressed and had a family history of heart problem, and i found out i could expect to live to the age of -15.4
inb4 guy above me...

-15.4 - life expectancy - I have -11500 days to live

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Biological age 17
Virtual age 16.8

Average life expectancy 74
Life expectancy 74.2

You can expect to live approximately another 20900 more days.

I feel so average
biological age 15
virtual age 1
life expectancy 88
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virtual age-2
i should have died 2 years ago???
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"You can expect to live approximately another 18500 more days."

Biological age - 20
Virtual age - 23.4

Life Expectancy - 70.6

That's a good age to die at. Who the hell wants to be a 90 year old walking corpse?
98.2. So, I should still be playing guitars while all of you are six feet deep.

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98.2. So, I should still be playing guitars while all of you are six feet deep.

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Actual Age:16
Virtual Age:10.2
Average Life Expectancy: 74
My Life Expectancy:79.8

You can expect to live approximately another 23300 more days.
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Real Age: 15
Virtual Age: 11.5
Average Life Expectancy: 74
My Life Expectancy: 77.5
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average life exsp. 54.3

and im 15. o boyy.....
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