I went to a "guitar emporium" in Branson recently and it was interesting...

First off, the brochure said they had all these instruments, when in reality they had to order them if you wanted any. They kept no effect pedals in stock and only special-ordered them as well. All their guitars were off-brand copies (they had on guitar that looked just like a gold-top Les Paul and quite a few RG copies) and they were all ridiculously high-priced and didn't sound good. Also in the brochure, it made the store look huge. It turned out that it was a "historic" picture of their first store.

Anyways, as I'm standing by a counter, the salesmen got a guy to order a Zoom pedal, some crappy solid state, and some ****ty guitar. The guy was obviously not very guitar-smart.. I kept hearing the salesmen go "yeah man, with this pedal, that baby is gonna sound JUST like a Marshall Halfstack! And that guitar is pretty much better than the real thing." At that point I left the store because I didn't want to even speak with such an asshole.

So, what kind of rip-offs have you guys seen?
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Anything with the curved head is a Fender rip-off.

I HATE picking up Xplorers to play in Guitar Center,
only to find they aren't Gibsons.
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ive never been ripped off, im too smart at heckling.

hell i got my 3,500 laney down to 2000 *brand new*
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Ripoffs? Guitar Center.
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ive never been ripped off, im too smart at heckling.

hell i got my 3,500 laney down to 2000 *brand new*

Same, I got my Peavey 6505+ from £1000 down to £700 and got a cab thrown in half price
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