Can I use electric strings on an acoustic? and also , I have no idea how to change acoustic strings.
you can but it will sound... different. the difference in pressure is probably bad for the neck as well.

you can do a quick youtube vid to search for how to change acoustic strings. the only main difference between acoustic and electric is that you have to take out the nuts and stick the string inbetween the nut and the inside.
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Don't use electric strings.
I'm pretty sure they will break your guitar.

EDIT: I think you can use electric B and e strings though. Not sure.
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You can use them. They won't hurt your guitar. They will sound crappy.
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Sound crappy is right. They are too light and are not made for acoustics.
Don't use electric strings.
I'm pretty sure they will break your guitar.

They wont break your guitar. You can put them on if you wish but they will sound very weak and tinny.

I have no idea how to change acoustic strings.

Just google 'acoustic guitar change strings.' Theres a ton of tutorials on the net.
Will they not warp the neck?

I put steel strings on my classical, until i realised I shouldn't really have done that and put nylons on. I'd have thought they'd be too....strong for it?
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An acoustic steel string is much stronger than a electric in taking higher string tension. Unless you mean archtop electric guitar strings like 14s you shouldn't have a problem. The greatest risk is a lack of tension.
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^^^ No, not a lack of tension, an excessive amount of tension is a greater risk. If the strings are weak, such as would happen if installing a set of electrics on a steel string acoustic, then about all that would happen is the neck would tend to flatten out because of a lack of tension. No worries, just put the right set on and it'll be fine again. Of a much greater concern is putting steel strings on a classical guitar. This creates an over abundance of tension on the neck and bridge which the guitar was not designed to handle. Serious problems can and will result if this is done, such as ripping the bridge off, cracking the neck or pulling the neck clean off of the body. Know your instrument, know which strings need to go on it.
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I did that once when i first started playing....well it was only a B string but it does sound horrible. each type of string in all reality should just be put on the type of guitar it was intended for.
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and also , I have no idea how to change acoustic strings.

you could go to a music shop and ask for help