Hey guys,
I got a strat body off of ebay, its 3 piece swamp ash, paid something like 100 bucks for it. I got a beautiful strat neck made up by warmoth and just received it the other day. I just fit the neck to the body and the fretboard sits way high off the body.. here's a pic.. heres a few pics...

Let me know what you guys think.. i don't have the bridge yet

Picture 528.jpg
Picture 525.jpg
Picture 515.jpg
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seriously? the fretboard is raised a good half inch off the body. should i get a bridge and do some measuring? should i route the body to make the fretboard flush with the body? etc?
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I don't know much, but the least you can do is get all the measurements. It'd be safe to specify it to a strats specifications, which can be found on fender.com, for each guitar im pretty sure. Thats just a start though. how to go about fixing any issues, i can't help you with much

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check the thickness of your neck pocket. If its a warmoth strat neck it should fit nicely in a pocket that is 3 inches long and 2 3/16 wide and 5/8 inch deep. If your neck pocket isnt that deep you need to see if there is enough wood in order to make the pocket deeper.

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yuck thats what i'm afraid of, i'm afraid of not having enough wood to route out the neck pocket then making the body too thin behind the neck... hmmmm
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gotta love swamp ash....and tell u the truth, if theres not enough wood on the body to make the pocket deeper, try carefully taking a little off the neck

btw, if thats a lefty neck, ur gonna need a new (righty) nut. unless ur a lefty and plan to play with the body upside down...
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